Best Transformer repair Options for You

The current repair of the main, solder, backup transformers and autotransformer of the power plant and the main transformers is done once a year. Overhaul for the main, drain, backup transformers and the autotransformer of the power plant and main transformers of the main station no later than 12 years after commissioning, taking into account the results of preventive tests, and in the future, as necessary, depending on the test results and condition. With the repair transformer you can find the best deal now.

Application area

This technology manual applies only to the repair of transformers and describes the repair operations necessary and sufficient to maintain the main, tapping, backup transformers and the autotransformer of the power plant and the main transformers p / st in working condition.

Personnel requirements, qualifications

Repair is allowed for personnel who have been trained and have sufficient experience, as well as the qualification of an electrician for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, who has studied these instructions and is allowed to work in the prescribed manner.

An electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment of at least 4th category and having a group for electrical safety of at least IV can be a producer of work alongside.

Frequency of technology revision

The technological instruction for the repair of transformers is subject to revision once every 5 years. When changing the requirements of the technology of work, equipment, labor organization, etc., the instruction is subject to an extraordinary review.

  • Transformer cooling system “DC”
  • Cooling system type DC.
  • Cooling system type D.
  • A set of operational documents for the switching device SDV1-630-41 / 41-W19 according to the OVB 481.424ed statement.
  • Instructions for installation, operation and repair of switching devices PC9. EA 500.1r.
  • Instructions for the installation, operation and repair of the motor drive MZ-4.1. EA 512.1r.
  • Cabinets for automatic control type SHAOOT-DC.
  • Cabinet for automatic control of air cooling fans type AD-2. Technical description and instruction manual.
  • Shut-off valve. Technical description and instruction manual.
  • Air driers. Technical description and instruction manual.
  • Air dryer.

As soon as the lid is separated from the side of the tank and the active part, it turns out to be raised, the lift is stopped and they look to see if the lid has shifted, and with it the active part in relation to the initial position in the tank. If it rises with a bias and there is a danger that it will touch the tank, then it is lowered and the correctness of the sling is checked again, i.e. Are the lengths of the slings the same and is the position of the hook relative to the center of gravity of the transformer correct?

Installation, maintenance and care instructions for Buchholz relays type BF-80 / Q. For example, at α = 60 °, the load on each branch doubles in comparison with the vertical position of the branches (α = 0). Therefore, when choosing slings, one should take into account not only the mass of the raised part of the transformer, but also choose the length of the slings so that the angle of inclination of the branches does not exceed 45 °. When lifting the active part, great care must be taken. At the beginning, it is slightly lifted and the reliability of the engagement of the slings by the eyebrows and the hook is checked, in addition, the slings should be tensioned the same way.

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