Get a vivid insight about WP Sticky plugin

WP Sticky can help you show the most important posts to your visitors. WordPress sticky elements can be very useful if you want to customize your blog and create a sticky menu.  All you need to do is to log to with anchor “sticky menu” to open this plugin.

However, this can be of disadvantage to some creators. If you have an interesting posts or picture that you want to catch the viewer’s attention as soon as they open your website then you can use the sticky post feature. You can use the WP sticky plugin to create a sticky header, menu or any other widget element and then customize your blog in any way you want.

Features of using this plugin

With new and innovative styles emerging every day, it is important that your website does not look like out-dated. When you use the WP sticky plugin, you get access to a host of features that will allow you to control your blog’s interface. With a modern and easy to use interface you will be able to grab the attention of your viewers and in turn get more traffic to your page. For instance you will be able to stick any element at the top of your page anytime you want.

The process will barely take you a moment. This is very helpful if you want to share something immediately and want it visible over other elements in your page. You will simply have to pick the element from the rest of the page and put it on top. You do not need any technical know-how or change the code; you can simply drag and drop it on the screen.

The plug in also supports all elements, so whether it is a breaking news story or a banner declaring end of season sale or even an interactive element like an opinion poll, you can use this plugin to stick it at the top of your page and get maximum attention. You can even stick more than one element if you want. If you want to create a unique design element you can choose to sticky multiple elements.

Guest posting and its advantage

If you have a website or you are a writer, then chances are you have heard about guest posts. You can use this feature to allow visitors to write or create a post on your website.  Any blog can have a guest posting feature. You can even add a ‘write to us’ option in your sticky menu. Open the website  and search with “guest posting sites” out there.

This will help you get the attention of your visitors and also provide an interactive element in your sticky. This is something widely used by multiple bloggers and writers. There are thousands of guest posting sites that use this technique to not only get new audience but also increase their Domain authority score. It is a tried and tested content marketing practice where both the website owner as well as the writer benefit. While you will get high quality content for your page, the writer will get recognition.

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